Bonaire main Store

Kaya Grandi 13

Tel. (0599) 7179161

Kralendijk - Bonaire

Dutch Caribbean


Bonaire South-Pier Store

Kaya ECB Hellmund 6

Tel. (0599) 7179162

Kralendijk - Bonaire

Dutch Caribbean


St. Maarten Stores

Front Street 103

Old Street 113

Tel. (00172) 15546832


St. Maarten

Dutch Caribbean


Puerto Plata Store

Building # 5 Amber Cove

Baia de Maimon

Tel. (001) 8097540079

Puerto Plata

Dominican Republic


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Shipping Information

From 1-10 pieces the shipping price remains the same.

Shipping usually takes between 6-8 weeks from Bonaire.



only $15 for up to 10 items Only for U.S.A. - EUROPE - CANADA

Includes proof of delivery signature and tracking information with Track & Confirm.

It is easy to verify the delivery status of your shipment through this online service.



to track your USA and CANADA express post shipment

to track your EUROPE express post shipment





My husband, an italian, and i, a south-african came to live on the island of Bonaire, in the Dutch Caribbean, in 2011.

We met on the cruise ship Mary Queen 2 where we were both working at the time.

We dreamt of living the island way of life and waking up every morning with sunshine, and so we decided to finally make a go of it after working seven years together at sea.

I started my little dichroic glass business selling my jewelry at the market stand where ships would call for six months of the year.

I found myself working day and night to keep up with the demand… and so we decided to expand our team.

Since then we have added to our Elements family, Sergio and Marilena, my brother and sister in law from Italy who add their Italian flavor and style to each piece.

Now also my mom Stephanie after much persuasion has also joined us.

She was the one who taught me this form of art.

We have built a little studio at our house and this is where the magic happens, and occasionally the cats and the dogs join in on the fun too.

We hope that our creations bring  as much joy to the people wearing them as it does to us creating them.

In may of 2014 we had a little baby girl “Zahara” which means bright and shining, and she is the new jewel in our life.

Each piece is truly unique and we could not make two of the same…EVEN IF WE TRIED!!!!

As we make everything ourselves, we are also able to take custom orders, or if you have any special request we are happy to help.




 New location in Bonaire at South Pier 

Kaya ECB Hellmund 6

Tel. (0599) 7179162

Kralendijk - Bonaire

Dutch Caribbean




Come and be enchanted by the tree of seen in our Bonaire Shops as well as our Old Street store in St. Maarten and Amber Cove Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

Visit us at:

Main Store                              South Pier Mall                   Front Street #103          Building #5 Amber Cove

Kaya Grandi #13                     Kaya ECB Hellmund #6       Old Street # 113            Baia de Maimon

Tel. (0599) 7179161                Tel. (0599) 7179162           Tel. (00172) 15546832   Tel. (001) 8097540079

Kralendijk                                Kralendijk                          Phillisburg                      Puerto Plata

Bonaire                                    Bonaire                              St. Maarten                     Dominican Republic  



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